Sunday, April 24, 2011

Black cloud of injury...

Or maybe it is stupidity. I sprained the inside of my ankle about 6 weeks ago. Got a walking boot from the foot doc, and it was getting better. He even downgraded me to a simpler brace. However my (cute and awesome nephew) came to visit during his spring break.  We went to the US National Whitewater Center to mountain bike, whitewater raft and kayak.

Crash x 2.
I had been whitewater rafting a few times, and at least once before at the man made river. I had never fallen out. Well STUPID me decided to not wear a brace for rafting. I got tossed out of the boat a few times that afternoon. Banged up my leg and foot/ankle with cement burns (road rash) and SMASHED the outside of the already sore ankle too. So I am kind of back at square one.

I have been able to exercise very little and I am chomping at the bit. I want to work to strengthen my ankle but I can barely wear a sneaker yet because of where the scrapes are on the opposite foot.

But as soon as I can I will start running again. Meh.