Sunday, March 13, 2011


I hiked for 5 miles yesterday. I then proceeded to come home and fall outside of my house. I took quite the tumble twisting my foot and landing hard on my opposite knee.

Went to the urgent care today mainly because I needed something to help me walk this week in the airport.

Let's just say I guess I will not be packing the workout clothes this week.

Nothing is broken per the UC doc but they gave me a post op shoe and some crutches. I figured that makes up for the $75 copay-right?

I hope I heal quick and can get back to working out within a week or so.

Fun times!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Total Random Thoughts

It isn't the Rock N Roll VA Beach Half Mary but it is the Thunder Road Half Mary here in Charlotte.  My friend Janice is coming down from MD to run it with me. Super excited!  I have until November to train.

Today I re-upped my gym membership for 2 more years. It is cheaper that way!  

Work has been insanely busy. I will no longer use this as an excuse to not exercise.  I am now home Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday so I can work out at the gym those days. My travel days out are difficult to get a work out in so I will have that be my rest day.

I am switching my weigh in day to Mondays at 930 now. Because I work so hard during the week I hated having to set the alarm on Saturdays to get up to weight watchers. This way I can get some good workouts on the weekend and start the week with a weigh in.

My new favorite work out music is 30 Seconds to Mars.  Yeah I know lame that Jared Leto of My So Called Life heads that band but it keeps me moving!

Promise to write more...and soon!