Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Alive, Just Tired

Story of my life right now. I travel 4 days a week and you would think that after about 6 months of this, I would have a schedule. But each day is different and I do the best I can. Well except for the chex mix tonight, that really wasnt needed :)

Well last night I finally started my couch to 10k training. But as soon as I got back up to my hotel room, I promptly somehow deleted it from my iphone app. So I guess I will do day one over again. I want to hold myself accountable. I was trying to post that I finished day one, week one to facebook and apparently I just hit something too many times and now it looks like I did nothing. Oh well.

Today in Florida it was super windy. I found out upon returning to the hotel that there is a tornado watch in effect. Guess I should pay attention to the weather/news more often! The rain seems to have stopped so hopefully we are out of the woods. As I am staying at a Residence Inn, I am not sure where the safest place to hide is...considering it's all one room!

So tomorrow I will do day one week one over again and try to manage to post it to my facebook. Which somehow makes me feel more accomplished. Why is that?

Anyhow - lately I find there is a lot of sickness and death surrounding people I know. One more reason to get myself back on a healthy road.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Woke up this morning to a surprise. 5 inches of a surprise. Ok really we knew the snow was coming but I always forget how it cripples a southern city.

Yesterday I downloaded the couch to 10K app to my iphone. (http://www.felttip.com/c10k/)  I figure that most training plans are 13 weeks give or take, and I have maybe 30 weeks before the race, that I would start with a 10k race (locally).  I do not have to start at the couch level but it is good to have a training plan. Once I know I can run 6.2 then I can move onto the half mary training.

Running is 50% mental I tell you. And I need to push through that mental barrier.

Per the training - Monday is day of rest. This is good because I usually travel Mondays and it makes for a LONG day when sometimes I do not get to the hotel until 7pm. Tomorrow I run.  The good news I guess is that this morning my flight out was cancelled before I even got out of bed. I figured that with the 2nd flight of the day also cancelled to the same location, I would just stay home today and try to get out to Florida tomorrow.

Today I did some 'cross training' of snow shoveling. I haven't done that much full body work in a while and I am already starting to feel it. I am so glad that I moved down south. My body can't take the cold and the snow anymore.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who sings that?

I found out tonight that writing songs/artists down while doing intervals on the elliptical is very difficult - as noted in the photo below.

Don't worry, I can translate, eventually.  Just not tonight. I am away on business travel. I have only my work computer which does not have itunes on it. I would have to download itunes and listen to some of the songs to be able to actually 'name' the songs that were played. Sad isn't it?

I think when we had tapes, we knew the names of all of the songs. We had an actual relationship with the band/album. Once we moved onto CDs I would be like "ooh I like number 5, play that one'. It is even worse now that we download a song from an artist and never really commit to an entire album.  Since i work out to a tiny shuffle - it doesnt display the songs. Oh well. I feel confident I can translate Friday when I get back home.

On the running front, I will fully admit I have not downloaded the half mary training schedule yet. But I did crosstrain for 1.25 hours tonight. Go me.

Talk later - have to grab some dinner and settle in for the People Choice Awards. Exciting night on the road!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I know it is the second of January, but I am talking about 'firsts' when it comes to music.

Today I helped Joe celebrate his 38th birthday. We went to the hockey game (Binghamton v Charlotte) but left after the first period.  Had dinner at Tavern on the Park (meh at best) and then went around the corner to Moosehead.

I earned some bonus points from Joe on some sports knowledge that I had learned and stored away for these specific purposes. Joe wanted to know who Jimmy Johnson coached for (c'mon that one is easy!) Score one for me. Then he went further to ask who he played for in the NFL. Again pulled that one out from somewhere.  Ding ding ding - right answer!  Lastly the question was who did he play for in college? I needed just a little bit of help but scored another right answer.

Miami Dolphins
Miami, the University of

On the way home, we started talking music. The conversation led to what our first cds were. Not tapes - cds.  Mine is VERY embarrassing.  I was visiting my father and he recently had purchased a cd player. Since I was going to be there for a week or so, we went out to get me a cd. Um yeah, I came home with Johnny Hates Jazz.  Heck I cannot even remember a single song they sang.  But I am nearly 100 % positive I still own it.  To earn 'cool points' I do remember buying Louder than Bombs at Tape World at the Oakdale Mall.  Thanks to Julie for making me less musically inept in high school!!

Joe's first cd purchase was Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde.  Can you tell that even tho we are the same relative age, he is a generation away from me music wise? He still deals with me however :)

What was your first cd purchase?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions...

Those ellipses were for a friend.

I went for a run today. Before I go further, I should elaborate. I went for a jog, well jog, walk, jog then walk, you know, intervals.  While I was 'running' I was thinking "wow this is a very eclectic mix of music that my shuffle was creating". I intended to write them all down but now I realized that the lil shuffle I have does not keep said mix - once you turn it off, it creates another.  Here is an example of the bands that popped up on my run:

Fall Out Boy
Glee Cast (Empire State of Mind)
Ryan Adams
Tegan And Sara
Ting Tings
Taylor Swift
Kings of Leon

Odd right? I ran for 45 minutes. Then I grabbed the dog and did another 2 mile walk. Fortunately or unfortunately, the walk seemed heavily sponsored by Vampire Weekend. Which after the holidays, I can say I am thoroughly sick of 'Holiday'.

I figure that this blog will keep me accountable to my fitness goals for the year. Ok one goal - a half mary.  Specifically this half mary: http://virginia-beach.competitor.com/register/  I reserve the right that if I cannot get up to VA Beach for the run, I can pick another.

I have not signed up yet. But I need a challenge.


This blog will be both about music, fitness, an occasional book review, and other random life happenings.

Tomorrow I will look up a schedule for running. Tonight or rather this morning, I sleep.

Happy Birthday Joe!