Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who sings that?

I found out tonight that writing songs/artists down while doing intervals on the elliptical is very difficult - as noted in the photo below.

Don't worry, I can translate, eventually.  Just not tonight. I am away on business travel. I have only my work computer which does not have itunes on it. I would have to download itunes and listen to some of the songs to be able to actually 'name' the songs that were played. Sad isn't it?

I think when we had tapes, we knew the names of all of the songs. We had an actual relationship with the band/album. Once we moved onto CDs I would be like "ooh I like number 5, play that one'. It is even worse now that we download a song from an artist and never really commit to an entire album.  Since i work out to a tiny shuffle - it doesnt display the songs. Oh well. I feel confident I can translate Friday when I get back home.

On the running front, I will fully admit I have not downloaded the half mary training schedule yet. But I did crosstrain for 1.25 hours tonight. Go me.

Talk later - have to grab some dinner and settle in for the People Choice Awards. Exciting night on the road!

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  1. that was a nice gym time! I may see if I can pull off that long at home today with workout dvds or fit tv