Sunday, January 2, 2011


I know it is the second of January, but I am talking about 'firsts' when it comes to music.

Today I helped Joe celebrate his 38th birthday. We went to the hockey game (Binghamton v Charlotte) but left after the first period.  Had dinner at Tavern on the Park (meh at best) and then went around the corner to Moosehead.

I earned some bonus points from Joe on some sports knowledge that I had learned and stored away for these specific purposes. Joe wanted to know who Jimmy Johnson coached for (c'mon that one is easy!) Score one for me. Then he went further to ask who he played for in the NFL. Again pulled that one out from somewhere.  Ding ding ding - right answer!  Lastly the question was who did he play for in college? I needed just a little bit of help but scored another right answer.

Miami Dolphins
Miami, the University of

On the way home, we started talking music. The conversation led to what our first cds were. Not tapes - cds.  Mine is VERY embarrassing.  I was visiting my father and he recently had purchased a cd player. Since I was going to be there for a week or so, we went out to get me a cd. Um yeah, I came home with Johnny Hates Jazz.  Heck I cannot even remember a single song they sang.  But I am nearly 100 % positive I still own it.  To earn 'cool points' I do remember buying Louder than Bombs at Tape World at the Oakdale Mall.  Thanks to Julie for making me less musically inept in high school!!

Joe's first cd purchase was Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde.  Can you tell that even tho we are the same relative age, he is a generation away from me music wise? He still deals with me however :)

What was your first cd purchase?


  1. C&C Music Factory!!! Oh yeah! "everybody dance now"---

  2. I cant even remember! But my hubs is almost two years younger than me and he's a total dylan freak. ugh.

  3. Oh, dear. Probably Peter, Paul & Mary's greatest hits.