Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Alive, Just Tired

Story of my life right now. I travel 4 days a week and you would think that after about 6 months of this, I would have a schedule. But each day is different and I do the best I can. Well except for the chex mix tonight, that really wasnt needed :)

Well last night I finally started my couch to 10k training. But as soon as I got back up to my hotel room, I promptly somehow deleted it from my iphone app. So I guess I will do day one over again. I want to hold myself accountable. I was trying to post that I finished day one, week one to facebook and apparently I just hit something too many times and now it looks like I did nothing. Oh well.

Today in Florida it was super windy. I found out upon returning to the hotel that there is a tornado watch in effect. Guess I should pay attention to the weather/news more often! The rain seems to have stopped so hopefully we are out of the woods. As I am staying at a Residence Inn, I am not sure where the safest place to hide is...considering it's all one room!

So tomorrow I will do day one week one over again and try to manage to post it to my facebook. Which somehow makes me feel more accomplished. Why is that?

Anyhow - lately I find there is a lot of sickness and death surrounding people I know. One more reason to get myself back on a healthy road.


  1. Argh on deleting your first run for your new program. And definitely pay attention to the weather!!

  2. Argh on deleting your first workout. And definitely pay attention to the weather report next time!