Monday, January 10, 2011


Woke up this morning to a surprise. 5 inches of a surprise. Ok really we knew the snow was coming but I always forget how it cripples a southern city.

Yesterday I downloaded the couch to 10K app to my iphone. (  I figure that most training plans are 13 weeks give or take, and I have maybe 30 weeks before the race, that I would start with a 10k race (locally).  I do not have to start at the couch level but it is good to have a training plan. Once I know I can run 6.2 then I can move onto the half mary training.

Running is 50% mental I tell you. And I need to push through that mental barrier.

Per the training - Monday is day of rest. This is good because I usually travel Mondays and it makes for a LONG day when sometimes I do not get to the hotel until 7pm. Tomorrow I run.  The good news I guess is that this morning my flight out was cancelled before I even got out of bed. I figured that with the 2nd flight of the day also cancelled to the same location, I would just stay home today and try to get out to Florida tomorrow.

Today I did some 'cross training' of snow shoveling. I haven't done that much full body work in a while and I am already starting to feel it. I am so glad that I moved down south. My body can't take the cold and the snow anymore.


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  1. your brave, I have no intentions of running anywhere. ever. unless maybe I was really thirsty and there was a beer truck in front of me... ok, so I'm weak!