Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions...

Those ellipses were for a friend.

I went for a run today. Before I go further, I should elaborate. I went for a jog, well jog, walk, jog then walk, you know, intervals.  While I was 'running' I was thinking "wow this is a very eclectic mix of music that my shuffle was creating". I intended to write them all down but now I realized that the lil shuffle I have does not keep said mix - once you turn it off, it creates another.  Here is an example of the bands that popped up on my run:

Fall Out Boy
Glee Cast (Empire State of Mind)
Ryan Adams
Tegan And Sara
Ting Tings
Taylor Swift
Kings of Leon

Odd right? I ran for 45 minutes. Then I grabbed the dog and did another 2 mile walk. Fortunately or unfortunately, the walk seemed heavily sponsored by Vampire Weekend. Which after the holidays, I can say I am thoroughly sick of 'Holiday'.

I figure that this blog will keep me accountable to my fitness goals for the year. Ok one goal - a half mary.  Specifically this half mary:  I reserve the right that if I cannot get up to VA Beach for the run, I can pick another.

I have not signed up yet. But I need a challenge.


This blog will be both about music, fitness, an occasional book review, and other random life happenings.

Tomorrow I will look up a schedule for running. Tonight or rather this morning, I sleep.

Happy Birthday Joe!

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