Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Place - New Life

Finally moved out and on with my life. Ok, still working on that second part.

I found out how awesome my friends are over the last few months and I must remember to either pay it back or pay it forward.  I had two awesome friends Janice and Amy come stay with me the whole weekend (when I moved) PLUS they helped me move and put Ikea furniture together. Also thanks to Stephanie, Renvy, Jessica and her friend Julie. I couldn't have dealt with that weekend without all of your help.

Loving my new space. Of course I have only been here a week and I still have things to do to settle in - but I picked a great location. I was also able to have Mar stay with me since Tuesday and he seems to be doing quite well so that makes me insanely happy too.  I was pretty nervous about Mar making the transition.  We are sharing custody of him which works out great due to my traveling.

I am sure there will be some bumps and rough times ahead but I am definitely ready to tackle them head on.

Will turn this back into a fitness type blog going forward :)

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