Sunday, January 15, 2012

2 weeks out

I am doing better than I thought I'd be. I have more moments of 'this is better for me' or "I can't wait to do this" than 'OMG life is over'.  Its just more like life as I used to know it is over.  The little things that bother me.  The lack of texts, not feeling I have anyone to speak to about big things, etc.

For instance he left just now to watch football with his brother and SIL up at a bar/restaurant that we'd go to all the time. Granted the food and service suck lately there but it just blows that he doesn't want to do that with me anymore. oh well.

Living in the same house has been ok. I know I'll regress some when I get my own place but I have courage and strength and know I'll be fine in the long run.  I just have to stop thinking worse case scenario and be more positive. I am often positive in my life to others, I just need to point the positivity to me for a while. Right?

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