Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year - New Goals. Right?!

Ok I admit I sucked at my blog last year. Too many things going on with my life. I never did the half mary - mainly due to injuries. Running seems to really fluck up my foot/ankle. I will try again soon - but I am not promising anything. Maybe a 5k.

Many changes abound in 2012. Two days ago -my boyfriend and I of 13 years broke up. This is the guy I moved down south with 12 years ago with, the guy I own a house and big lab with. (yeah I know not proper grammar but I. Don't. Care. Today.)

I am a strong person. Yeah I've been a weepy hot mess the last few days but overall I am strong. I can and will get through this. There are FAR worse things in life right?  I am totally not looking forward to apartment shopping or moving. But we'll share custody of the puppers and I know I'll come out ok. Heck maybe even stronger in the long run right?

So my first goal(s) of the year is to be positive.  No one likes Debbie Downer. There are other great things I have - I have a job I like, I have wonderful friends as they have been both in person and virtually supporting me over the last few days. I think I've cried more reading the kind words from caring friends.

So I'll keep this blog. I'll be positive, I'll try new things. I'll try to be here more as well.  I'll leave with this, I dont take too much into horoscopes and I know nothing about retrograde and shit - but this 2012 overview for me kind of was close to home.  Here's to a better 2012.

Year 2012 Overview

This year is all about non-stop action for you, Virgo. With Mars spending the entire first half of 2012 in your sign, you may start to wonder if there will be any break in sight before 2013. The first quarter of the year will be under Mars's retrograde influence, a transit that could push you into a semi-neurotic workaholic mode. Be sure to give yourself plenty of physical outlets in order to channel all that excess Mars energy. When Mars turns direct in Virgo in May, you'll possess tremendous energy to make amazing things happen!

With Neptune moving back into your partnership sector in February, you'll settle for nothing less than your true soul mate; either that or you'll feel blissfully wedded to your spiritual nature ... or perhaps a little of both! In any case, this is the time of your life to realize how important it is to satisfy the longings of your soul. You've compromised, settled and rationalized trying to make the wrong relationship right for long enough. Now you're willing to wait for the real thing.

You'll be thrilled to know that Saturn, after putting the brakes on your spending over the last few years, is finally about to take leave of your financial sector. Any financial challenges you've had to endure since 2009 should come to an end this October. A change of residence or alterations to your current abode are possibilities under the next wave of eclipse patterns. June's full Moon lunar eclipse in your domestic sector is the beginning of many profound changes to affect both home and career prospects between late 2012 and early 2013. And then, the new Moon solar eclipse in November in your communication sector could bring new potential for learning, speaking, writing or travel opportunities

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